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Someone who “gets it” (well, almost)

Posted by Godefroi on July 11, 2007

Nod: Vigilant Freedom

Speech by Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) July 9, 2007

July 10, 2007 by Christine 

 H/T Zuhdi Jasser, American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Speech by Senator Jon Kyl
Delivered on the Senate Floor
July 9, 2007

Mr. President, most of the activity with regard to the terrorist plot in Great Britain occurred while we were on our breaks back home. I wanted to briefly discuss that today because it seems to me that the terror plot in Great Britain must serve as a wakeup call to those of us here in the United States who perhaps have been too complacent about the terrorist threat.


The first point I’d like to make today, Mr. President, is that as the plot in Great Britain revealed, this is not about grievances. This is about ideology.


The radical ideology that spawns this terrorism has nothing to do with such grievances or poverty. The perpetrators of the plots in Great Britain were doctors, not individuals radicalized by unemployment or poverty-stricken slums.


This radical doctrine had its roots in the early twentieth century and gained momentum through the writings of radical Islamists such as Sayyid Qutb in the 1950s and 60s, long before the Iraq War. It has everything to do with hatred of our values, of our freedoms, all that we stand for and we see the hatred and the attacks that go back several decades.

[Actually, attacks of this sort began with Muhammad’s razzias for booty, slaves, and revenge in the 7th century, and has NEVER completely stopped.  And, as an ideology, it’s less about hatred than about Muslim supremacy, and the admonitions in the Qur’an to fight unbelievers wherever they’re found, until all religion is for Allah]

Review them: the 1979 takeover of our embassy in Tehran; the 1983 Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut; 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; the 1996 bombing of Khobar Towers; the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania; the 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole; September 11, 2001, and all the attacks since then in Beslan, Madrid, London, and elsewhere.

In every case the rationale was the same: advancement of the radical ideology of militant Islam. A perversion of the faith, to be sure, [this is where the good Senator loses it, but he’s still closer than just about ANY of our other “leaders”] but based on their concept of the faith nonetheless. The sheer evil of the acts and the perpetrators shocks our souls especially because it is allegedly grounded in religion.

[Not “allegedly”, but directly.  I understand that Sen. Kyl can’t afford politically to come out and say what is really true – that this “religion” is rooted in violent jihad, and these perpetrators of crimes against humanity are only following the letter of their holy book – but nonetheless it is painful to see what could be a louder alarm be muted by PC fears.]

People trained as doctors, those who are supposed to value and preserve life, were at the center of the plot in Great Britain to destroy innocent life. We in the West who believe in reason and rationality have trouble comprehending the mentality of militant Islam and those who subscribe to it. But we need to understand it, to call it what it is and not to shrink from this honesty because the terrorists and their sympathizers hide behind a great religion. [OUCH!!  What’s great about a religion that calls for the violent subjugation and/or eradication of other religions?]  Importantly, we must not seek to rationalize or explain the views and behavior of our enemy through our values and experiences.

Militant Islam seeks not to change our policies but to destroy our very way of life and replace it with a Taliban-like society ruled by Sharia Law and its enforcers.

Militant Islam has declared war on the West. Be very clear about it. It is fundamentally at odds with freedom, with democracy, with the inherent humanity of the individual, with critical thinking, and rational decision-making, not to mention all other religious beliefs. While it might be fueled by grievances, it is not caused by the West, but rather by the very backwardness and ideological rigidity that they would impose on others.


Third, Mr. President, a successful American response depends on resolve and support of the American people. We must understand the nature of our enemy and its ideology, confronting them head on with full confidence in the rightness of our cause.

This is not a matter of moral relativism. We must not allow ourselves to be gagged by faux political correctness. We can say that these terrorists were bound together and motivated by a hateful ideology grounded in their interpretation of Islam without condemning any other Muslims.  [I’d like to think this is true, but can we?  I personally do not condemn those Muslims who simply want to worship their god and go about life and leave the rest of us alone, but how do we address the issue, which is their religion, without the ‘guilt by association’ trap?]

We must not embrace groups who tell us they stand for peace without renouncing violence in the name of Islam. [CAIR anyone?]  We must not reward evil with retreat from any of the battlefields where the fight is raging, including Iraq and Afghanistan. And we must be willing to support intelligence and enforcement activities, including incarcerating those who have plotted against or attacked us.


It is not grievances which have spawned this hatred and these attacks, but rather the hateful ideology of militant Islam.


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