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The end of Lal Masjid (finally)

Posted by Godefroi on July 10, 2007

Tragedy Travesty in Islamabad.  After months of doing nothing, Musharraf’s army has moved in and raided Lal Masjid.  At last count, at least 70 people had died in this conflict.  While Mr. Musharraf was looking for the best way to save face, preserve his presidency and the power of his party, the Islamists have inculcated their vitriolic ideals into the minds of hundreds, including small children, who now beg for death – “martyrdom” for their beloved leader and their wretched “religion”- rather than to go home to their families WHO LOVE THEM to live a normal life. 

Luftullah Khan, a shopkeeper, frantically pestered soldiers to let him rescue both his daughters. But when he got through to them on their mobile telephone, they said they preferred martyrdom to freedom.

“I spoke to my daughter. She said there was no food or water left. I tried to arrange a meeting, but she said, ‘We’re here; my dead body will be here. I will not leave my teachers’,” Khan said.

As a gun battle raged late on Friday, with snipers on the roof of the mosque forcing the army back to its lines 100 yards away, Khan, the father who had been pleading with his two daughters to leave, called them on their mobile phone and told them their mother was outside. She had been taken ill and lay unconscious on the pavement, he said.

It was a lie but it worked. The two girls quickly left the compound and found their waiting father in the crowd. “I’m taking them back to our village,” said Khan. “They were ready for martyrdom and they’re very angry with me. I’m just happy I’ve got my daughters back, and sorry for those whose daughters are still in there.”

Saima, in a bitter, fanatical voice that belied her 10 years, told The Sunday Times her father had cheated her of martyrdom. “The teachers taught us about martyrdom and that it is a great achievement,” she said.  “I could see the fighting was in front of me and I could understand that we would die. I felt real anger about what my father did. He tricked me.”

The damage to these young minds is incalculable, hardly reversible…entirely preventable.  How many lives could have been spared had the Pakistani government closed this “Red Mosque” and its related madrassas at the outset of trouble?  Or, even better, had arrested the hate-mongering, seditionist leaders before they could amass such a large following while sowing seeds of fear and discontent at the doorstep of the presidential palace?

What is the likelihood of such an occurrence here in the U.S?  With most mosques being run by non-citizens, many of whom do not even speak English, what is to prevent the same hatred being spewed to and from those Muslims who live among us?  We have already seen the results of brainwashing and cults here – remember Waco, Guyana, etc.  What will happen if an imam, citing the way of true and pure Islam, gathers his “flock” around him and prepares for siege, or for offensive action against their oppressors in a mosque, or perhaps a paramilitary compound?  For the sake of comparison, what about some moonbat-crazy “Christian” reverend doing something similar (which would be exceedingly difficult given the teachings and example of Jesus)?  Would our government, with its requirement to allow freedom of religion, be able to do anything more that Mr. Musharraf chose to do?  Would the neighborhood around such an institution cave to the pressure exerted by the fanatical believers inside?  Would the inherent American attitude of “it’s a free country…it’s not my business” allow a real threatening force come into existence?  What then?

Perhaps the better question is:  Now what?

Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.

Update: One of the crazy bastards who caused this was arrested last week fleeing in a burqa (NO HOURI FOR YOU!!)…the other was killed today.  (Nod: Jihad Watch)


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