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The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.

Persecution Roundup

Posted by Godefroi on July 9, 2007

I’ve been out for several days, so I’m summarizing some of what I’ve missed.

Ultimatum to Mosul’s Christians: Leave within 3 days or die

A statement by an Islamic group that calls itself the Islamic Emirate of Mosul threatened to kidnap or kill all Christians whether students or employees in Mosul University if they did not leave the university campus in three days.

Christians Fear Attacks in Pakistan as Forces Clash with Islamic Extremists

Whenever there is any incident against Muslims, Christians are always held liable,” says a spokesman for CLAAS, the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement. “The Christians of Pakistan are in serious need of prayer.”

Phillipines:  Priest Kidnapped by Muslim gunmen

There have been no sightings of or contacts with the priest since he was abducted after saying mass on June 10.

Four Christians abucted while fleeing Baghdad

They were fleeing from Baghdad and from the daily death threats, but they were abducted on the road to Kirkuk….For months now in Baghdad the dynamics and the content of the threats against the Christians is the same: either convert or abandon everything without taking anything with them. “In the context of a complete absence of rules and of respect for authority,” reports a source of Asia News which has asked to remain anonymous, “criminals do what they want: they can threaten, abduct, kill.” After having “cleansed” the Dora quarter, the terror campaign aimed at forcing the Christians to flee has now taken aim at the areas of Alameria and Hai-Aljameea.

Nod: DhimmiWatch

And, I can’t forget this one at Doctor Bulldog (lest one think “it can’t happen here”).

Now praying gets 7 Christians arrested

Cops call holding Bibles while lying prostrate ‘disturbing peace’

Christians have been arrested recently at “gay” festivals for nothing more than having a protest sign that is “wider than their torso,” but now police have gone even further, targeting Bible-carrying ministers for praying on public property and for standing on a public sidewalk near a “gay” festival.

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