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The “Two-State” Solution has already been tried…

Posted by Godefroi on June 25, 2007

From David Singer over at American Thinker.

The 70th Anniversary of the Peel Commission Report released on 7 July 1937 presents a unique and impartial insight into understanding what the so called “Palestinian problem” was – and still is today – really about.

The Peel Commission recognised there was an insoluble conflict in Palestine between the Arabs and Jews necessitating the partition of Palestine into two independent sovereign states.

There was no mention of a third interested party – the “Palestinians” or “the Palestinian people” – who also deserved a separate state. This “people” was the subsequent creation of skilful Arab propaganda in the 50’s and 60’s in response to Israel’s creation in 1948.

As one can see in this photo, what is now the “Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” was once called Trans-Jordan…a closer look will show the sub-title:  ARAB PALESTINE.  (Thanks to Myths and Facts).  The “Palestinians” have had their own state since 1922.  That is not what they want.  What they want is the destruction of Israel. 

While our misguided leaders are coddling the less-offensive terrorist, the jihad against Israel continues.

Failure to change course will have only two assured outcomes – continued death and suffering for both Jews and Arabs and a continuing threat to world peace.


One Response to “The “Two-State” Solution has already been tried…”

  1. […] Remember…THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION HAS ALREADY BEEN TRIED and failed. Hamas and Fatah are sworn to the elimination of Israel, not just to control of parts of Jerusalem. Giving them this much is not going to change their foundational principles. On the contrary, it will only embolden them. APPEASEMENT DOES NOT WORK. […]

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