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Hamastine has Friends in New York

Posted by Godefroi on June 22, 2007

Successful battle on the slow-jihad front (unusual tactic for Hamas).

WASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) – Shunned by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization, the Islamist group Hamas scored a publicity coup this week by defending its policies in Gaza with opinion pieces in two of the country’s most influential newspapers on the same day.

Hamas leaders rarely have access to major U.S. media to express their views unfiltered, and getting an opinion piece into the Times and the Post on the same day appeared unprecedented.

“Eighteen months ago, our Hamas party won the Palestinian parliamentary elections and entered office under Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh but never received the handover of real power from Fatah, the losing party.” [Either way, the “government” of “Palestine” is a farce…the idea that Israel would have to try to make a deal for peace with either is ridiculous…see relevant parts of the Hamas Charter and Fateh Constitution]

Yousef also complained that recent news coverage had failed to mention that Hamas had offered a 10-year ceasefire to Israel and adhered to a unilateral ceasefire for 18 months.  [10 year truce eh…Treaty of Hudaybiya anyone?  And the adherence to 18 months of cease fire claim is pure fabrication – ask the residents of Sderot] “Nor has it been evident to many people in the West that the civil unrest in Gaza and the West Bank has been precipitated by the American and Israeli policy of arming elements of the Fatah opposition who want to attack Hamas and force us from office.” [I mentioned our stupidity in arming anyone in Gaza previously]

“Those who warn of ‘failed states’ and ‘Hamastan’ as a breeding ground for terrorism forget where blame for the failure belongs – at the feet of the American administration which has chosen to isolate, rather than deal with, the elected government.” [Pitiful…Gaza has been under PA control for years, yet the wanton bloodshed that has occurred there is the fault of the U.S?]

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