A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.

On a Related Note…

Posted by Godefroi on June 18, 2007

This is disturbing. It appears that a majority of atheists believes that fundamental Christians are just as much a threat to the world (or at least the West) as fundamental Muslims (typically referred to as Islamists). While the opinions of atheists do not normally hold much concern for me, the idea that anyone could “equate” followers of the teachings of Christ with the followers of Muhammad is confusing to say the least.

I have heard opinions (from atheists, generally) that since all religions are of necessity irrational (faith-based), they are all equally prone to promoting hatred, persecution, and violence (i.e., if A=bad, and B=bad, then A=B, or some such). And, indeed, there has been much in the history of Christendom that could lead one to believe that Christians are as evil as anyone else, or even more so…the most common arguments are those surrounding the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. It eludes me, however, that anyone could honestly, upon examination, consider those who have used religion as a tool for conquest, slavery, or personal power as a Christian. If Christian means ‘little Christ’ (it does), then Christians are to heed His example and teachings in order to be like Him. He was never a warrior, a conqueror, or an earthly ruler. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God”. How is that threatening?

The “threat”, as far as I can perceive, is the idea that Christians want to dismantle the U.S. Constitution (not the ship!), stop teaching science, and basically put as back into the “dark ages” in order to create a theocracy. In truth, I can’t argue against the ‘accusation’ that I would like to see my Christian beliefs universal. That being said, is there anyone who can HONESTLY say that they would not prefer their ideology to be the most widely held? After all, if you’re right, then shouldn’t everyone believe as you do?  Isn’t that the reason that every person who holds a set of beliefs dear will defend their perspectives to the point of diminishing (even ridiculing)competing beliefs?

If I didn’t believe in my position, I would not be here…and neither would any other blogger.

Anyway, if any reader is interested in a spirited discussion, one can be found in progress here.

Nod: Jihad Watch.

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