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Our Own Worst Enemy (Part II)

Posted by Godefroi on June 15, 2007

Today at World Net Daily,

Terrorists claim CIA files seized

Documents said to provide details of U.S. intel networks in Mideast

Terrorist groups, including Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees, have seized large quantities of CIA security files stored at major compounds of militias associated with the U.S.-backed Fatah organization of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, terror leaders told WND today.

“The CIA files we seized, which include documents, CDs, taped conversations and videos, are more important than all the American weapons we obtained the last two days as we took over the traitor Fatah’s positions,” said Muhammad Abdel-El, spokesman for the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror group.

So because our leaders, in their infinite wisdom, thought it wise…conducive to the “Peace Process” and the solution of the “Palestinian Problem”…to work with and arm the terrorists of Fatah against the terrorists of Hamas, we have now supplied Hamas with the weapons and information to destroy our intelligence interests in the Middle East.  My only hope here is that it’s common for the Jihadists to make bold and not-quite-true claims to bolster their images…let’s hope that’s what this is.

But we’re learning a lesson here, right?  NOPE! (also at WND).

U.S. contemplating more weapons to Palestinians 

JERUSALEM – After the Hamas terror group’s takeover of U.S.-backed Palestinian security compounds in Gaza and seizure of large quantities of American weapons, the Bush administration is contemplating sending more weapons to the Palestinians.

No, I’m not kidding. I wish I were.  And to add to the good news:

“The era of justice and Islamic rule have arrived” in Gaza, a spokesman for the Hamas militia was quoted as saying on Thursday.

The Washington-based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs said “They aren’t engaged in retaliation for the real or perceived sins of Israel, the U.S. or the West; they are motivated by their very real belief in their supremacy and their right to rule.”

Nod: Jihad Watch

One Response to “Our Own Worst Enemy (Part II)”

  1. Yup, no one ever thanks us for all those nifty weapons we keep giving them… (*sarcasm*)


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