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“Trail of Blood”

Posted by Godefroi on June 14, 2007

An fine commentary by the estimable Fjordman on the long, unfinished history of Jihad and comparison to the long-over Crusades.

Muslim leaders have robustly criticized a forthright “position papier” [issued by the Lutheran churches in Germany]. Ayyub Axel Koehler, chairman of the Council of Muslims, [a German who converted to Islam in 1963] told the church-people that Europe should be ashamed of the “trail of blood” that it had left throughout the world down the centuries.

Comment from Fjordman: It would be interesting to see Muslims deal with the trail of blood [Everyone needs to read this book – G] they have left behind on several continents, from Thailand via India to Armenia, during more than 1300 years. To quote Paul Fregosi’s book Jihad in the West

“The Jihad, the Islamic so-called Holy War, has been a fact of life in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East for more than 1300 years, but this is the first history of the Muslim wars in Europe ever to be published. Hundreds of books, however, have appeared on its Christian counterpart, the Crusades, to which the Jihad is often compared, although they lasted less than two hundred years and unlike the Jihad, which is universal, were largely but not completely confined to the Holy Land. Moreover, the Crusades have been over for more than 700 years, while a Jihad is still going on in the world. The Jihad has been the most unrecorded and disregarded major event of history. It has, in fact, been largely ignored. For instance, the Encyclopaedia Britannica gives the Crusades eighty times more space than the Jihad.”

“Western colonization of nearby Muslim lands lasted 130 years, from the 1830s to the 1960s. Muslim colonization of nearby European lands lasted 1300 years, from the 600s to the mid-1960s. Yet, strangely, it is the Muslims, the Arabs and the Moors to be precise, who are the most bitter about colonialism and the humiliations to which they have been subjected; and it is the Europeans who harbor the shame and the guilt. It should be the other way around.”

Nod: Hugh Fitzgerald at Dhimmi Watch.


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