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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on June 14, 2007

Muslim men sodomize a Pakistani Christian youth (from Journal Chretien)

I thought it was only womenthat your right hands possess” who were in danger of rape.   I wonder this would qualify here as a Hate Crime…probably not, since the victim is Christian.


…the Muslim men…started thrashing Imran with kicks and fists while some even bit him at his chest and other parts of his body to bully him into submission.
They threw liquor on his face and slapped and kicked him before subjecting him to sexual abuse », Farhan Mazhar , Chairman of the ROD told ANS.
He went on to say that the Muslim men tucked his mouth in a sofa and stood on his hands and feet.

Later, they subjected him to sexual abuse one by one, he added.

The Muslim men allegedly continued to bugger the Christian youth throughout the night between 2 nd and 3rd June and threw the unconscious youth in the street outside their house.

Nod: Doctor Bulldog.

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