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…and now for something Completely Different

Posted by Godefroi on June 13, 2007

Human Rights Watch, whose members regularly excoriate Israel, has condemned “Palestinian War Crimes” in Gaza.

Nod: The American Israeli Patriot.

Fighters Execute Captives, Attack Hospital, Put Journalists at Serious Risk. 

During recent fighting in the Gaza Strip, armed Palestinian groups have committed serious violations of international humanitarian law, in some cases amounting to war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today. 

These attacks by both Hamas and Fatah constitute brutal assaults on the most fundamental humanitarian principles. The murder of civilians not engaged in hostilities and the willful killing of captives are war crimes, pure and simple.

In internal Palestinian fighting over the last three days, both Fatah and Hamas military forces have summarily executed captives, killed people not involved in hostilities, and engaged in gun battles with one another inside and near Palestinian hospitals. On Saturday, armed Palestinians from Islamic Jihad and the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade used a vehicle with a “TV” insignia to attack an Israeli military position on the border with Gaza. 

See details at the HRW website.


One Response to “…and now for something Completely Different

  1. Of course the U.N., which routinely chastises Israel for perceived war crimes, will undoubtedly turn a blind eye to the Palestinian war crimes…


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