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Arabs in “Palestine” forbidden from leaving.

Posted by Godefroi on June 11, 2007

New ridiculousness in Palestine over the weekend.  From the Jerusalem Post.

 A religious leader has issued a fatwa to prevent “Palestinians” from leaving.  This I just don’t understand.  Even if I agreed with the position that Israel is illegally and immorally oppressing these people, and that Israel is the cause of the misery in Gaza, it seems to me that a greater harm is caused by forbidding those “oppressed” people from leaving their miserable circumstances to find greener pastures elsewhere.  Isn’t a mufti supposed to be looking out for the best interests of his ‘flock’?  I wonder if Egypt’s Ali Gomaa would consider this a scientifically-based decision.

Among the interesting things cited in the article is this one: “…most of the applicants [to emigrate] were young men seeking work abroad. They said the majority of them wanted to move to the US, EU and Canada.”  I thought, according to Dr. Ahmad Bahar (acting Speaker, Palestinian Legislative Council), that we were part of the enemy?

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2 Responses to “Arabs in “Palestine” forbidden from leaving.”

  1. They need as many Palestinians as possible to remain. If they were to leave, then they lose their squatter’s rights…


  2. Godefroi said

    One always hopes to find the best in people – as in, realizing that their political and religious leaders are using them as pawns (and cannon fodder), and deposing said political leaders, and renouncing the religious ones.

    It appears I’m destined for much disappointment.

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